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Swart Space Tone Reverb 1x12 6V6/6L6 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier Tweed

by Swart
$ 1,450.00

Big Sound ~ All Tube w/Open Cleans to
Great Big Tube Overdrive-Fuzzed Tone!

     Space Tone Reverb Specifications

  • 5W CLASS A ~ BIG sounding w/Monster fuzz tone at max!
  • Single-Ended Output - Zero Negative Feedback
  • 100% Tube Circuit - GZ34 Valve Rectifier (5Y3 or 5U4)
  • Big, Lush Swart Tube Reverb - Foot Switchable
  • Powered by choice of 6V6 ~ 6L6 Family
  • JJ 12AX7(2) - JJ 12DW7 - EH 6V6GT - JJ GZ34 Rectifier
  • Point to Point Hand Wired Circuit
  • Cathode Biased (no need to bias)
  • Carbon Comp Resistors ~ Mallory Caps
  • Cloth Hook-Up Wire
  • Hi/Lo Input for High & Low powered Pickups
  • Heaters referenced to ground
  • Standby Switch for tube warm-up, extending tube life
  • All Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding
  • 4/8 ohm 1/4" Out - Drive other Speaker/Cabinet
  • Switchcraft 1/4 inch inputs and output
  • CTS Potentiometers
  • Custom High Quality USA Built Heyboer Iron
  • Speaker: 12" Mojotone BV-30H ~ 8 ohm
  • Finger-Jointed, solid Pine Cab w/ Retro Tolex Covering
  • Vintage Jewel Lamp ~ Circuit Fuse Protected
  • Dimensions: 15 7/8 T x 16 3/8W  x 9 1/4 D   ~  28lbs

Roll back the clocks to 1965 visually and 1967 aurally. Add some of the biggest tube reverb on either side of the Mason-Dixon line. Crank that ole first chicken head knob to the right till it stops and prepare to scare yourself with the biggest, baddest fuzz tone you've ever heard.

Why mess with those cleans when this sounds so damn good? To hell with chores, work, tikes, rent, that Vincent Black Shaldow you were dreaming about... Man, you're plugged into a three-dimensional Sonic Lava Lamp!

Yep, Dr. Swart has done it...again. And all this before you've even even TRIED the cleans! Don't worry, they're there. Just ease that ole chicken head back a bit.

This little monster is such a blast to crank but equally at home down low where it's open, lively, with a bit of chime. But it's hard to resist bringing the volume up, though. And that 12AX7/12DW7 driven Reverb is larger than life.