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Truetone Music is proud to present


as our Brand of the Month. Engineered with precision and built to last, it didn't take long for this relatively young brand to blast onto the scene and leave a lasting impression on us and many other pedal-lovers around the world. We've teamed up to offer a FREE Heavy Water Boost, be sure the sign up for a chance to win!

a brand new entrant into the boutique effects pedal arena...

After a full career in the British Army, Major Adrian Thorpe MBE was encouraged by his wife Georgia to follow his manic passion for building effects pedals and make his amazing creations available to the public. Initially Thorpy built pedals as a form of relaxation that allowed him to have pedals better than anything available to buy on the market. These pedals were built with an attention to detail that bordered on the obsessive, this obsession over details is the foundation for how ThorpyFX designs its pedals.

Simply put, when you buy a ThorpyFX branded pedal you are buying a promise. A promise of superior quality sound, the most robust construction possible and the utilisation of the finest quality components available. ThorpyFX Pedals are built to survive the rigours of the road and yet deliver you consistent tone time and time again in all working environments.