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Used 2005 Top Hat Super Deluxe 33 Watt 6L6 Tube Based Guitar Amplifier 2x12 Combo

$ 1,299.99

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Always the perfectionist, Brian Gerhard, founder and designer of Top Hat Amplifiers, says he approaches his passion with a practical purpose meant to aid working players, producers, and engineers who demand top-quality tones and reliable performance. He’s emphatic in his belief that each component—from glue and capacitors to tubes, speakers, and cabinet design—has such an impact that each demands exquisite attention. You come away from the experience of hearing a Top Hat humbled and reminded of what it means to be a consummate pro: incessant attention to detail, relentless devotion to quality, and an unwavering excitement for the craft. With a penchant for quintessential Vox and Marshall archetypes and the classic guitar tones of players such as Jimmy Page, Gerhard has taken Top Hat from modest beginnings to stages and recording studios across the globe.

This amp is in excellent condition, and sounds amazing!