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Used Yamaha SR-400 Super R'nroller 400 Electric Guitar With Hard Case Natural Finish

by Yamaha
$ 849.99

Up for sale is this very cool, and very hard to find Yamaha SR-400 Super R'inroller Stratocaster style guitar, in excellent condition!  These guitars not only look very cool, but sound and play equally cool, if not cooler! The looks of guitars of yesteryear, without the fragility often associated with them. 

This specimen is finished in the beautiful wood grain that shows through the natural finish beautifully. The neck and frets are in great shape, and it plays like a dream! 

These 400's were made from solid pieces of ash laminated together in a technique used in several of the great Japanese factories and the timber used by these factories was always great quality.

The necks are two or three piece maple construction with a glued on fretboard in either rosewood or maple depending on the model. This method meant you only needed to tool for one neck and then glue on the appropriate fretboard rather than have a one piece neck with a skunk strip down the back to insert the trussrod.This has a nice medium round neck that is VERY comfortable to play. 

The pickups do a VERY convincing job of sounding like a Strat and all the electronics are essentially the same as a real one. The bridge has cast saddles which carried over to the more expensive models but by around 1980 folded steel saddles were standard. 

The guitar includes a HSC and a complimentary set up, done to the buyers specs.