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3Leaf Audio The Enabler: EQ/D.I./Headphone Amp

by 3Leaf
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Power The Enabler runs on a standard 9v DC, center-negative power supply (the type that 90% of pedals use). You can use a 12v DC supply for extra headroom. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ABOVE 12 VOLTS DC. The En- abler generates a negative supply voltage internally for over 20 volts of headroom from a standard power supply. The Enabler can draw up to 300mA of current when the headphone amp is in use, so make sure to use a power supply rated at 300mA or greater.

In Connect your bass here.
Aux In Connect an iPod or other source here. This is a stereo input.
Phones Connect headphones here. The studio-grade headphone amplifier in The Enabler is capable of driving headphones of any impedance. For best results, use professional over-the-ear headphones. Don’t plug a mono cable into the headphone jack! Doing so will trigger the short circuit protection circuit of the headphone amp, shutting it off.
Out Unbalanced 1/4” output.
XLR Out Balanced XLR output. This is a high-performance line driver with extremely low distortion and an output impedance of 50 ohms.


Bass/Mid/Treble These are standard boost/cut tone controls. They are flat at 12 o’clock.
Deep In the up position, this switch adds a few dB of thickness to your low end.
Mid Shift This switch chooses the center frequency of the mid control.
Gain This knob sets the input gain. There is a ton of gain on tap (easily enough to drive a power amp).Master This knob sets the output volume of the 1⁄4” output, as well as the volume of the XLR balanced output when set to post-EQ.

XLR Pre/Post In the up position, your unaltered input signal is sent to the balanced XLR output. In the down position, your signal after the master volume control is sent to the XLR output.
Bypass Switch This is essentially a pre/post EQ control for the 1⁄4” output. When bypassed, a buffered version of your input signal is sent to the 1⁄4” output. When engaged, the signal after the master volume knob is sent to the 1⁄4” output.

Aux This knob controls the volume of the aux input jack. The aux input is only heard through headphones.Gnd Lift This switch disconnects the ground shield of the balanced XLR cable. This should usually be left in the pushed in (grounded) position.


The Enabler is guaranteed against defects for one year. The warranty covers the pedal under normal use, not abuse. If you need to send your pedal in for repair, shoot me an email.