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Fender 57 Bandmaster

by Fender
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$ 2,499.99

Among the true holy-grail amps prized by guitarists and collectors, rare and highly sought after late-’50s tweed Fender Bandmaster amps combined classic looks with sweet tone and powerful performance. That’s what you get with today’s all-tube ’57 Bandmaster, which features premium components and a forceful trio of speakers that deliver harmonically rich clean tones perfect for vintage rock, blues and country, with naturally touch-sensitive overdrive tone that sounds electrifying—especially when cranked up.

  • 26 watts
  • Three 10” Special-Design Jensen® P10R-F speakers
  • Hand-wired circuitry and premium components
  • All-tube design based on classic late-’50s 5E7 circuit
  • Four inputs (two instrument, two mic)
  • Finger-joined solid pine cabinet with leather handle
  • Output Power / Output: 26 watts
  • Controls: Presence, Bass, Treble, Volume (Instument Channel), Volume (Mic Channel)
  • Amp Type: Tube
  • Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6
  • Speaker: Three - 10" Special-Design Jensen® P10R-F with Alnico Magnets
  • Unique Features: Hand-wired circuitry on eyelet board, finger-joined solid pine cabinet for resonant, woody tone, custom Mercury Magnetics™ transformers, lacquered tweed covering, vintage-style leather strap handle, included deluxe fitted cover