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Alhambra Model 1C Senorita Classical Guitar Nylon String Made In Spain Mahogany Rosewood

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7/8 Size Classical with Solid Cedar and Mahogany

What makes Alhambra guitars alluring is that their native sound so effortlessly captures the evocative, romantic, and proud spirit of the music of Spain. The Alhambra sound is earthy, full, warm, direct and full of character and personality. It is a voice that gives authentic expression to the charm and passion indigenous to the music of its homeland

The 1C Senorita is such fun to play. Its slightly smaller (7/8) body size and shorter scale (636mm) combined make for unexpected comfortable handling. Some might assume that the Senorita model is only for smaller sized players or players with smaller hands, but the nut width and string displacements are standard dimensions which make it broadly user friendly. Bear in mind that a Gibson Les Paul guitar has a shorter scale than this guitar, and a lot of big guys comfortably play those instruments.

Granted, our most common customer for these instruments is a petite person for whom the smaller dimensions are beneficial, and for whom the addition of a custom nut with closer string displacements can make it even easier to play. However, with the characteristic Alhambra sound, the Senorita delivers in performance as well as playability - a very desirable combination for anyone.