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Bogner Ecstasy 101B 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head with EL34s

$ 3,499.99

This Bogner Ecstasy guitar amp head was designed to sound like many amplifiers-all living in one box. The standard features allows the  the 3 distinctly voiced channels to be radically morphed into sounds of the past, present, and future. The Ecstasy tube head comes with EL34 power tubes and by using the footswitch, you can access 6 tuned variations of these channels instantly. Imagine going from Bogner's notorious barking Plexi mode to the greasiest, harmonically chewy overdrive . . . then washing it all down with the most decadent clean tone. The Bogner Ecstasy amp head comes standard with an amazing array of controls: 1/2 power switch, Old/New style switch, 3-way Excursion switches to control speaker cabinet dampening, 2 presence controls (one assignable), gain boost, Plexi mode, Structure, 3 Pre-EQ switches, tube buffered series/parallel FX loop.


The rig is in spotless condition and the even has the original shipping box for the head.


It is paired with a Bogner 412ST 4x12 Straight Guitar Cabinet

equipped with 2 Vintage 30s and 2 G12H Celestions. No rips or tears



           Made in USA

Ch 1: gain, bass, middle, treble, volume, pre eq, boost

Ch 2 and Ch 3: gain 2, gain 3, bass, middle, treble, vol 2, vol 3, pre eq 2, pre eq 3, gain-structure, gain boost, plexi mode

Effects loop return master volume for power-amp

Effects loop tube buffered (series or parallel) with Effects mix control

Dual assignable presence controls

Dual assignable Excursion switches for loose, medium and tight feel

Power section 100W EL34

1/2 power and old/new style switch (cuts power from 100W to 50W)