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Catalinbread Montavillian Dealy Pedal

$ 159.99

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The Montavillian is a no-frills delay with a dry audiopath designed to not mess with the tone of pedals in front of it. Ever have a great fuzz or overdriven tone that became harsh and thin when you engage an echo pedal situated downstream on your pedalboard? This pedal was designed fatten, not thin out your signal!

This is an echo pedal right? So lets talk about what makes the echo parts of the Montavillian so unique. But first some backstory, In order to reduce clock and anti-aliasing noise, nearly all bucket-brigade (BBD) delays use a compander, a device originally designed to reduce noise over old telephone systems. Companders reduce the dynamic range of what goes into them and tries to expand the signal downstream. The problem is that many companded echos have unattractive repeats, which sorta bubble, chirp, and become messy as the repeats become quieter… The effect ruins the illusion of SPACE and ambience. The Montavillian has no companding, therefore the echos trail off almost forever over the horizon, disappearing into the ether rather than crash landing back to earth. The resulting echos function to provide a sonic soup, a bed of ambience to play over. The illusion of depth of field, space and size that the Montavillian provides, makes it one of the few stompboxes that comes close to.

Time knob ranges from 60ms to just about 600ms.

Cut knob allows you to adjust your echoes to sit perfectly in the mix.