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Daddy Mojo 5-String Standard Deluxe White Owl

by Daddy Mojo
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$ 565.00

Witness the evolution of the Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitar! We are always looking for new ways to improve upon the cigar box guitar format while remaining true to the history and roots of this wonderful instrument. The 5-string model is perhaps the most sophisticated instrument to come out of our workshop in a while! It goes beyond the standard 3- or 4-string CBG format and makes for a truly unique and versatile experience of playing.

Our 5-string "Deluxe" Daddy Mojo is a fretted instrument (giving you the ability of playing it with a slide as well as finger style) and comes pimped with a rosewood fingerboard, mother of pearl position markers and a very "hot" sounding mini humbucker pick-up in the neck position. It also features rosewood saddles as well as a chicken head volume control knob... which really makes all the difference when playing in live settings! It's tuned in open G (G,D,G,B,D) or open D (D,A,D,F#,D) and is played exactly like any other Dobro, slide or resonator guitar.




   ***Optional Gig Bag Available. Please Inquire Upon Purchase***