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Danelectro '59 NOS Black Lefty Guitar

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The Danelectro Original Factory Spec 1959 Reissue Electric Guitar faithfully reproduces the classic electric guitar manufactured from the mid '50s through the late '60s and sold in popular mail-order catalogs. The double-cutaway guitar has a masonite and poplar body with textured tape edging.

The Danelectro guitars bolt-on poplar neck has a rosewood fretboard, and unique "bottle" shaped headstock with open-back 3 in-line tuners. Perhaps the most distinctive features of this guitar are its "lipstick" pickups-originally consisting of alnico bar magnets and copper wiring wrapped in brown tape and mounted in what were-in 1959-surplus chrome-plated, lipstick tubes.

The 1959 Danelectro guitar bridge had a metal base with notches that held the ball-end strings, and a rosewood saddle. Other features included white knobs on dual concentric tone and volume controls, a white "seal" pickguard, metal nut, and a adjustable aluminum truss rod.


Body style: Double-cutaway

Body material: Masonite/poplarv Neck: Bolt-on poplar

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Nut: Metal

Truss rod: Adjustable, aluminum

Tuners: Open back, 3 in-line, white plastic keys

Pickups: Alnico lipstick

Hardware: Polished Chrome

Controls: Dual/concentric tone and volume

Bridge/tailpiece: Notched metal base with a rosewood saddle

Pickguard: White "Seal"

Headstock: Bottle-shaped

Other: Original-style textured side edge tape