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Demeter COMP-2 Compulator Pro Compressor Guitar Pedal

by Demeter
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The Best Sounding Compressor Pedal on the Market

Introducing the COMP-2 Compulator Pro. This high quality optical compressor gives you the magical sound of LA-2A type compression in a compact but powerful package. Using the same circuitry as our Compulator pedal, the Compulator Pro adds attack & release controls, which can be tweaked to modify the onset & sustain of the compressor. You can finely tune your compressed tone to mimic almost any type of compressor (with the controls set at their fastest setting you have the same setting as our classic Compulator). We have also included a adjustable gain boost when you want deep compression at the flip of a switch or if you need to set up for two different instruments. Hand made in the U.S.A. using the highest quality components.

This pedal is truly unique. Featuring separate controls for octave up and fuzz, it is capable of a wide variety of amazing sounds. The octave by itself has an extremely strange, almost ring-mod characteristic, which sounds amazing paired with a reverb or delay pedal, especially for single note lines. It will leave the audience wondering, “How do they get that sound?”

Coupled with the Fuzz circuit, the octave takes on a whole new dimension, with an extremely focused and distinct Hendrix-type sound.

The beauty of this pedal is it's versatility. Unlike many octave-fuzz pedals, which give you a single sound, controlled by one footswitch, our pedal gives you the option to use the octave and fuzz circuit completely separate from one another.

The fuzz circuit on this pedal is identical to our FUZ-1 Fuzzulator.

There are four controls on the unit: fuzz, tone, volume and a mode switch which alternates between tight or loose fuzz types. The unit also features two separate foot switches (octave and fuzz) and an LED to indicate effect operation. On the side of the unit, there is a trim pot to set the overall gain.

  • Fuzz: increases the gain of the distortion circuit which increases the distortion and sustain of the unit.

  • Tone: a high cut filter which you can use to make your sound warmer and fatter.

  • Volume: this control sets the overall output of the unit. Use this for level matching between the effected and unaffected signal.

  • Tight/loose switch: this switches between light emitting diodes and germanium diodes for the distortion generating devices. LEDs have a tight sound and are a bit louder. Germanium diodes have a looser more classic fuzz sound with less output volume.

  • Trim pot: sets the gain of the Fuzzulator's output amplifier. It is useful to turn it up if you are using the germanium diodes (loose) as your primary distortion setting. Or you can turn it down if the unit is too hot for your system.

  • Power supply: 9 volts DC. Either external or internal. For internal power, use a 9 volt battery. To access, remove the four screws on the sides of the unit and pull apart. Note: battery must have at least 7 volts for unit to work! External power supply using mini-plug, tip positive, 9 volt DC regulated (100 milliamp or more).

  • There are two inputs on the front side of the unit: a 1/4" input jack on the right and a 1/4" output jack on the left with a battery-ground switch on the input jack.