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Dr Z 1x10 Extension Cabinet Blackout

by Dr Z
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$ 479.00


General Information

Our 1×10 cab is the perfect portable solution for a quick and easy set up and the perfect fit under any of our smaller size head cabs (Carmen Ghia, KT45, M12, Mini Z, Monza, Route 66, and Z28). Pair it with your Dr Z head or add it as an extension cab for your combo. Regardless of its small size this cab can deliver when loaded with the right speaker. 10″ speaker:

 Eminence Ramrod (75 W – 8 Ohm),

*Please note: This is a new amp, fully warrantied and the amp pictured is the one you will receive. Open box/demo model, does not include original box or  packing materials




Colors Black
Dimensions 17 1/2″ W, 17″ H, 10″ D.
Weight 24 lbs.