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Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 Reverb Pedal Version 3

$ 175.00

Ghost Echo v3

  • Vintage Voiced Reverb
  • Analog / Digital hybrid spring reverb emulation machine
  • “Attack” control adjusts 30ms-150ms of pre-delay
  • Upgraded op-amps for better performance and lower noise*
  • Stronger reverb signal with 2x the output*
  • Recalibrated “Dwell” control capable of self-oscillations when all the way up*
  • Accutronics Reverb Tank
  • New artwork*
  • True Bypass
  • Silent relay-based switching*
  • All-analog dry signal path
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • MAP – $175 USD
  • Built one at a time by a team of friendly ghosts in the never-ending hall of funhouse mirrors that is Akron, Ohio, USA