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Fender Limited Edition '65 Deluxe Reverb Chilewich Creamback Speaker - 75 Made!

by Fender
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$ 1,299.99


Only 75 units made!!

Whether you're rocking out, singing the blues, or jamming to country, the Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb is the perfect amplifier. Great for small club-gigs or studio sessions, the Deluxe Reverb will moderately amp up the sound to get full, crisp tones sounding their best. 

This very limited version was done as a small run, with only 75 produced.  It features a unique "Chilewich" covering, never seen before on a Fender amp.  It also has an upgraded speaker selection, with a Celestion Creamback inside.  


Series: Limited Edition
Type: All Tube Amp
Output: 22 watts into 8 ohms
Ohms: 8 ohms
Speakers: 1-12" Celestion Creamback
Channels: Two Channels (Normal and Vibrato)
Features: Tube Driven Spring Reverb
Tube Vibrato
2-Button footswitch
Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet
Controls: Normal Channel: Volume, Treble, Bass,
Vibrato Channel: Volume, Treble, Bass,
Vibrato: Speed, Intensity
Covering: Chilewich
Grill: Black
Weight: 42 lbs. (19.05 kg)
Dimensions Height: 17.5" (44.45 cm),
Width: 24.5" (62.23 cm),
Depth: 9.5" (24.13 cm)
Power Handling N/A
Tube Complement 4 X 12AX7,
2 X 12AT7,
2 X 6V6,
1 X 5AR4 Rectifier Tube
Accessories: 2-Button Footswitch for Reverb and Vibrato On/Off