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Goodrich H10K Volume Pedal

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The Goodrich 10K Volume Pedals look like the rest, but looks can be deceiving. Several features put them in a class by themselves. One important difference is that any value pot from 10K to 500K can be used if it is a high quality pot with a logarithmic or audio taper. Goodrich is now equipping The buffered circuit results in the most minimal frequency loss obtainable, extremely quiet operation, and a total harmonic distortion of less than one tenth of a percent. The Goodrich H10K and L10K also offer up to 3.5 db of gain. In addition to these very important advantages the use of very long output cable is possible without tonal loss. Two low impedance outputs are provided; so you can drive two amps, or use one for your amp and the other for a tuner or direct to mixer application. The 10K Series requires the use of a 9V Battery. The circuitry is designed for long battery life.