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Pre Owned Lexicon Jam Man Delay/Looper Rack Unit with Footswitches and Power Supply

SKU 87LEX000
by Lexicon
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Used And Vintage Pedals

Are you ready for the ultimate delay looper rack unit?  Here for you is the Lexicon Jam Man! 

In 1993, Lexicon released a pair of processor that were unlike anything else they'd done before.  One - the JamMan - was a nifty digital looper designed to replace the tape-based sound-on-sound layering loved by purveyors of ambient loop music - think Robert Fripp. Though it wasn’t the first dedicated digital looper, it was the first to reach a mass market. 

The product allowed musicians to record musical phrases at the touch of a button which were then played back, looping indefinitely. The musician would typically use the looping audio as a backing track providing a virtual backing band. The device also allowed MIDI drum machines and sequencers to be synchronized to them providing additional accompaniment. By pressing a button on the floor pedal, the device begins recording a rhythm (8 seconds of memory comes standard, but an upgraded 32-second memory chip is a common upgrade). When the musician is finished playing the part to be looped, simply press the tap button on the floor again and the machine does two things immediately: replays the part from the beginning looping it indefinitely while sending a MIDI clock signal to a drum machine which kicks in right on time and is synchronized to the rhythm part.

This rack unit features Input, Output, and Mix controls. You have selectable modes which allow different for Punched In or Phrase Loop. This unit can sync MIDI drum machines and sequencers. This is a Lexicon, so you know it has great sound, thanks to its high-quality components. You also have the ability to utilize the unit as a delay/echo.

This is a fantastic rack unit and is in excellent condition and comes with additional ram installed.   The JamMan is a 1U rack mounted unit that is controlled using 1 or 2 footswitches (which are included, as is the power supply).