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Red Witch Empress Chorus Vibrato Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal

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No ordinary analog chorus/vibe pedal.........

The Empress Chorus offers unparalleled chorus options; an infinite number of analog chorus/vibe devices in one box…

The effect was popularized by Andy Summers in the early 1980’s with his work in The Police – and we were delighted to learn that he chose our Empress Chorus to fulfil all his chorus requirements on The Police Reunion tour.

The Red Witch Chorus is the only chorus pedal in the world to offer an adjustable delay setting. It changes the delay time – it’s on a pot so you’ve got an infinite number of chorus pedal sounds in one box – from super spanky sparkling clean to over the top sea-sick inducing, pitch bending wobble.

The delay setting in all other chorus units is preset to one setting – producing only one voice or flavour.

The Empress allows the user an almost infinite number of flavours by adjusting the “voice” control - an innovation never before offered and only available in the Empress.

As well as Andy Summers, folk like Jon Hudson (Faith No More), Sigur Ros, Paul Stacey (Oasis) and Terry Lawless (U2) consider the Empress Chorus to be a favorite.



·       100% analog chorus pedal

·       Uses original MN3007 BBD chip

·       Chorus and vibrato mode

·       Unique adjustable voice controls chrous delay time

·       Stereo – splits wet and dry

·       True bypass

·       9 volt battery or DC 9volt wall wart



Current draw: 25ma

Weight: 395grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm