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Red Witch Factotum Bass Suboctave Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal RedWitch

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Sublime Subsonic Sentience!


The Factotum features two separate bass effects in one glorious chrome package; the ridiculous might and sub-thumping girth of 100% analog suboctave and the ultra dial-able grit of 100% analog bass overdrive.

Each effect can be used independently or simultaneously - they each have their own true bypass stomp switch. Dial as little or a much of each effect in with the two mix controls.

Designed specifically for the bass – this pedal retains clarity and transparency in the low-end bass frequencies, essential frequencies lost when using traditional guitar effects. 

Can we have a “C” for clarity and a “B” for Balls!!!



• Independent overdrive for bass

• Independent suboctave for bass

• Independent wet/dry mix for each

• 100% analog = totally unique

• Full frequency response



Current draw: 42ma

Weight: 385 grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm