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TC Electronic Polytune 2 Noir Guitar Tuner Pedal - Black

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SKU 20TCE046

      • Ultra-compact tuner with polyphonic, chromatic and strobe tuning for fast and accurate tuning
      • Super-bright 109-LED display and an ambient light detector provide an instant and clear readout in all viewing conditions
      • Tiny footprint easily fits on any pedal board
      • Polyphonic tuning allows you to tune all your strings at once
      • Lightning-fast chromatic tuner offers 0.5 cent accuracy
      • Ultra-precise strobe tuner gives you ±0.1 cent accuracy for ultimate tuning performance
      • Tuner magnet feature slows the needle when you get close to the target pitch, making it easy to tune up fast
      • Automatically switches between polyphonic and monophonic tuning modes based on how many strings you play
      • True bypass and silent tuning footswitch provides optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
      • Internal memory retains preferences even after power down so you only have to set things once
      • Flat, “Drop D”, and capo tuning settings for total tuning flexibility
      • 3-Year Warranty Program*
      • Designed and engineered in Denmark
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      Pitch Black

      The first POLYTUNE NOIR raised the bar for how über-cool a tuner could be with its compact design and sleek black look. Now POLYTUNE 2 NOIR is here to rock pedalboards around the world! Featuring a super-bright LED display, an insanely-accurate strobe tuner and our groundbreaking polyphonic tuning mode, POLYTUNE 2 NOIR packs the most-innovative tuning technology into a tiny enclosure in the coolest color of all – basic Black. Tuning has simply never been more rock ‘n’ roll!

          •    Super small footprint
          •    Polyphonic, chromatic and ultra-precise strobe tuning modes
          •    Retina-scorching bright display

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      Attuned to Your Board

      Staying in tune is without any doubt the most important thing in music, but that doesn’t mean that a tuner should take up valuable space on your pedalboard. With POLYTUNE 2 NOIR you don’t just get a small tuner, you get the SMALLEST polyphonic tuner in the world! So besides getting a super fast and precise tuner, you also get room for more gear. POLYTUNE 2 NOIR just keeps on giving.

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      Guided by the Light

      As if packing our award-winning PolyTune technology into a tiny enclosure wasn’t enough,
      we managed to pack in 109 ultra-bright LEDs to ensure that no matter what, you get an instant and clear readout with regards to your tuning. And you know what that means? Less time spent tuning – and more time rockin’!

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      Pocket-sized Precision

      By transferring our ultra-precise chromatic strobe tuner from the POLYTUNE 2 to this highly compact enclosure, we’ve actually managed to blow our own minds! You get ± 0.1 cent of tuning accuracy, which is technical mumbo jumbo for “Damn, that’s great”! So whether you need a quick tune-up on stage, try out a new altered tuning, or just setup your intonation with unparalleled precision, POLYTUNE 2 NOIR has all bases covered.