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Tech 21 Boost Bass Boost Fuzz Pedal

$ 149.00

Looking for big fuzz for your bass rig? Then you want the Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz! This pedal captures those classic germanium fuzz tones that you're looking for. A +Clean control lets you dial in the perfect amount of clean bass signal into your fuzz tone. We're talking killer fuzz tones with smooth sustain and creamy germanium tone. You also get a separate boost function that puts out up to 21db of clean, punchy boost. It's like getting two pedals in one. Grab a Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz and take your tone over the edge!

Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz Pedal at a Glance:

  • An fuzz pedal to rock your rig
  • Give your sound a boost
  • Roadworthy construction and design

A fuzz pedal to rock your rig
Fuzz tones were some of the first pedals developed and they changed the world. Tech 21's Boost Bass Fuzz gives you awesome vintage germanium fuzz tones via all-analog circuitry made from individually-selected, hand-biased discreet components for killer tone and operation.From fat, grity '60s bass tones to heavy rhythm to industrial metal, the Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz has the gain you need.

Give your sound a boost
Besides being a great-sounding fuzz pedal, the Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz features a powerful 21db boost function. You can use this boost completely independent of the fuzz function. A true post-boost, it adds the boost after the fuzz so it won't change your tone or gain.

Roadworthy construction and design
The Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz features a heavy-duty, all-metal body that will stand up to decades of onstage abuse. A buffered bypass keeps your signal clean and pure when the effect is not in use. Custom-built actuators eliminate annoying footswitch pops that can be found on other pedals. If you are looking for a tour-grade, professional pedal, look no further than the Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz.

Tech 21 Boost Bass Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Killer fuzz for your bass
  • Powerful boost function gives you 21db of clean boost
  • +Clean control adds your direct tone to the fuzz
  • All-metal case construction with hand-selected components
  • Built in the USA