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Tone King Galaxy Amp Head

by Tone King
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A Premier Guitar Premier Gear winner that was also named among Premier Guitar's Gear of the Year, Tone King's Galaxy is the ultimate in authentic vintage tone and feel. Its 4x6L6GC output stage (cathode biased) is tweaked and voiced for chime, warmth, and a spongy, swampy, organic feel like no other Tone King amp. It is designed with an ultra-pure signal path that squeezes every last drop of tone out of its tubes.


Output Power: 60W RMS

Tubes: 4 x 6L6GC; 4 x 12AX7; 1 x 12AT7

Footswitch: 2 button; controls channel selection and tremolo

Reverb: tube driven, 2-spring long pan

Preamp Channels: 2, rhythm & lead

Rhythm Channel: volume, treble, bass

Lead Channel: volume, tone

Tremolo: bias-modulation type, footswitchable

Output Impedance: 4 or 8 ohms

Output Stage: Cathode biased, no negative feedback