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TWA SC-02 Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal Discontinued Finish!!

by TWA
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$ 59.00
Truetone Music is pleased to present this Fly Boys SC-02 Chorus Pedal!  This pedal is a discontinued model with a Brushed Aluminum Finish that is no longer available! Comes New-in-Box!
With two switchable overdrive modes, the SC-02 offers a versatile range of dirty tones for a variety of musical styles.
The SC-02’s Warm setting emulates the legendary “808” overdrive sound; ideal for use with single coils, this setting is also perfect for pushing a tube amp over the top.
The Hot setting has all the snarl and sizzle of a maxxed-out Twin, complete with a healthy volume boost and increased low-end response:  Use with Humbuckers for a thick classic rock tone with plenty of sustain.
Both settings retain the original character of your guitar and amp and respond effortlessly to picking dynamics.