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Used 2013 Nash T Green Sparkle Electric Guitar

$ 1,599.99

Sold Out

Nash Guitars is the largest independent builder of aged Telecaster inspired instruments in the world. Bill Nash has worked tirelessly to encompass the vibe, tone, and detailed nuance of a real, loved, and regularly played vintage Telecaster. Utilizing premium components like 6105 frets, CTS pots and Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, these guitars are truly great playing and sounding instruments.


This guitar has a chunky “V” shaped neck. I is similar to the a Fender 57 neck shape only larger. The finish has been worn off of the neck for a smooth feel. The tastefully reliced Green Sparkle is a real eye catcher and looks cool with the silver undercoat peeking through. The neck humbucker answers the call for a bit more umph in the neck position. You know like that Keef guy. The medium jumbo frets are in great shape with no divots. She weighs 7.8 lbs. This will make a nice stage guitar for someone. You?