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Used 2016 Nash 2THB LP Gold Finish Electric Guitar With OHSC

$ 1,799.99

Nash Guitars is the largest independent builder of aged Telecaster inspired instruments in the world. Bill Nash has worked tirelessly to encompass the vibe, tone, and detailed nuance of a real, loved, and regularly played vintage Telecaster. Utilizing premium components like 6105 frets, CTS pots and Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, these guitars are truly great playing and sounding instruments.

A subtle yet remarkable departure from Nash's traditional T Model builds. The T2HB offers players the ability to delve into tonal territory not usually associated with this classic body style. The T2HB features two humbucking pickups, a 500K volume pot, and a cut vintage style bridge with compensated brass saddles. This guitar offers a unique tonal experience while maintaining a familiar presentation.

For reasons unknown t just about everyone, this guitar started out life with two humbuckers, and one was removed by its previous owner. The bridge was also changed to a Babicz bridge and the pickguard was made custom by us here at Truetone Music.

Includes the original Nash hard case!