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Used Brown Note D’lite 50 Watt 6L6 Powered Tube Combo Guitar Amp

$ 1,784.99

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Tone characterized as fat and smooth with a nice bite to the top and tight thick lower mids and bottom. The D'Lite delivers a wide palette of available tones, from warm round cleans, to shimmering crystal cleans, to aggressive power stage breakup, to smooth saturated high-gain overdrive, and all degrees in between.

Founder Moss Hudson rather than follow the conventional path into amp manufacturing—one that typically begins with learning the ropes doing repairs and mods—Hudson made his name by selling kit amps to DIYers. Eventually, he added assembled amps to the offerings and now Brown Note has a full product line, ranging from low-wattage tone machines to 100-watt beasts. This one was built by Moss and is not a kit.


The circuit is the same as an 84 ODS with Skyliner Tonestack and it uses the more robust preamp power supply of the Robben Ford amp (47uF filters instead of 22uF). The amps has been well cared for. The textured cream amp covering has picked up some dirt over time and there is a slight rip on the lower back panel. It is equipped with a Celestion G12-65. A perfect compliment to this D style amp



Overdrive and Normal Preamp Channels

Channel switching of the overdrive selection is achieved by a rear panel mounted switch as well as a standard 5 pin Din cable foot-switch.


Pre Amp Boost

The foot-switch-able PAB feature (Pre Amp Boost) defeats the tone stack, increasing the pre amp signal and producing a distinct volume and EQ boost.



Power Section: (2) 6L6 Power Tubes in AB Fixed Bias

Preamp Section: (2) 12AX7 Pre Amp, and (1) 12AX7 Driver


Controls Include: Volume, Bright Switch, Mid Switch, Bass Switch, Treble, Midrange, Bass, OD Drive, OD Level, Master Volume, Presence


The Back Panel: AC Mains, Fuse, Bias Test Points, Speaker Impediance Selector, Footswitch jack, (2) Speaker Outputs, FX send and return, 3 mini toggles to used without the footswitch.


Channel #1 : Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass

Channel #2: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity


Cabinet Material: Solid Pine Cabinet w/ Birch Plywood Baffle & upper and lower back panel

Pilot Light Jewel: Blue (other colors available)

Knobs: Barrel Head

Handle: Leather Handle


Tube Driven Spring Reverb

Tube Vibrato


12” Speaker


Rectifier: 5AR4 Rectifier Tube

Power Tubes: (2) 6L6

Preamp Tubes: (4) 12AX7, (2) 12AT7


2-Button Footswitch


Amplifier Depth: 10 ½ “

Amplifier Width: 26 1/8”

Amplifier Height: 20”

Amplifier Weight: 70 lbs.