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Used David Allen Pickups P-51 Mustang Humbucker Neck Position

by David Allen Pickups
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This is a David Allen Pickup P-51 Humbucker neck position, in very good condition, and sounds amazing! 

The P-51 Mustangs are a 59 P.A.F. vintage inspired humbucker set. Using 42 ga wire, Nickel Silver base plate, maple spacers, air spacer on the slug side, a cold rolled milled steel screw keeper, and Alnico 4 magnets give the P-51's tight bass response, fat extended mids and clean glassy highs with a great bite. This set responds very well to distortion as well as very clean amp settings and has a very open sound with good string to string definition and amazing string to string balance. Neck is 7.28K and Bridge 8.6K. We had access to 10 different actual '59 P.A.F. sets and found most to have Alnico 2 magnets. Alnico 2 were believed to be the most commonly used but Alnicu 3 and Alnico 4 and alnico 5 were also used. Resistance measured in the bridge was from 8.3 - 8.9k. We like the tonal structure of the Alnico 4 magnets best and decided to use those in this model. Alnico 4 magnets are said to have the warmth of Alnico 2's and the fullness of Alnico 5's. They do have less energy then both the 2's and 5's so we opted for the bridge to have 8.6k resistance. The necks we tested were in similar outputs some were closer to 8k but some were higher. It was common place just to wind the pickups to an approximate number of turns or "until the bobbin is full" point and not as specific to a number of turns as we do today.

We want to have vintage inspired pickup but make them for today's Strings, Effects and Players. Understanding that there were no standards on these PAF's and they tone varied wildly we sought to find the best sets we could that had The Tone and then do extensive testing to create our version for the demands of today's players and environments not just copycat an old set or someone specs. We use 4 conductor leads to give flexibility and use grey for the neck and black for the bridge for easy installation.