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Used Friedman Special Edition Purple SS-100 Steve Stevens Head and Cabinet Guitar Amp Combo

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We just scored a very special rig - a Friedman SS-100 Steve Stevens head & cab, in a very unique aesthetic.  If you're into the color purple as well as high end, high quality amps that will blow the stage away, you've found a winner here.

Both the head & cab are in excellent condition - this amp was purchased by a collector that took it home, where it sat for years, and never left his house until the day he brought it to us.  It has been played only a handful of times, and definitely never taken out on a gig.  It has been vetted and tested, and is in perfect working order.

The Friedman SS-100 is Friedman’s first signature amplifier, and was created to guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Stevens’ specific tonal demands. The SS100 is a 100-watt EL34 powered, two channel plus BOOST, high gain amp that is hand-wired and is capable of covering many different styles of music at the simple adjustments of the gain and master controls. The clean channel is lush and fat-sounding. This amp has tight bottom end and cleans well with the guitar's volume, and takes pedals very well, it also has an FX Loop.  

The Friedman SS-412 is a 4×12”, closed-back speaker cabinet which utilizes tongue and groove Baltic birch construction to deliver the bass, mid response and great sound you would expect from a Friedman cab. It is was designed to match the Steve Stevens signature head. This cab has two 16 Ohm, Celestion G12M-25 Greenback speakers placed strategically in the top two speaker slots of the cabinet. The G12M Greenback has evolved over the decades but still retains its essential sought-after tone. This model is voiced with additional broad mid-range attack and restrained top-end, giving a forward, punchy attitude to chords and a searing lead tone without fizz: ideal for Friedman’s high-powered rock heads. It’s an ideal speaker to bring drive and definition to modern high-gain amps. Loaded in the two bottom slots are two Celestion V30’s.  It features enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a famously rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. The combination of these two different speaker models provides the warmth of the Greenbacks and the power and thump of the V30’s, creating a formidable speaker cabinet that is a perfect match for the Friedman SS100 amplifier.

This head and cab combo is truly special as it comes in the extremely special edition Purple tolex.  It's is in excellent condition, and comes with the footswitch.   You won't be able to find another one just like it out there, so don't miss out!

 Head Specs

  • 100 watt All-Tube Head
  • Two Channels
  • Preamp Tubes: Four 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: Four EL34
  • EQ: Bass, Treble, Mid, Presence, Master, Gain, Clean Volume
  • Switches: Bright, Loop, Gain Boost
  • Speaker Outs: 4 Ohm (x2), 8 Ohm (x2), 16 Ohm
  • Ultra Transparent Effects Loop
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Size: 12" (H) x 29" (W) x 8.5" (D) 
  • Weight: 44 lbs.

Cabinet Specs

  • Dimension (L x W x H) 14 x 30 x 30 Inch
  • Weight 86 Pound

Serial # 100H-09140167