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Used G&L ASAT Classic Tribute Model With Gig Bag Blueburst

$ 479.99

Great deal on a great guitar! This used G&L ASAT Classic Tribute model has the sound and quality of the USA made models, without the price! This instrument is in fantastic condition, with minimal signs of wear and lots of fret life still in them. 

It includes a gig bag and a complimentary set up.

The G&L ASAT Classic is Leo's final word on the traditional single-cutaway bolt-on axe. Framed in a classic boxed-steel bridge, the single-coil Magnetic Field Design bridge pickup created by Leo Fender delivers crisp attack with complex harmonics while individual brass saddles offer modern levels of intonation refinement. Flip to the single-coil MFD neck pickup and you'll discover a delectably rich tonal palette, from round clean jazz tones to thick, gritty blues. Put them together and you'll find a whole other level of heaven.