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Used Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus Rack Mount Delay Unit

$ 499.99

Sold Out


Used Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus Rack Mount Looper with Foot Controller. This unit includes Owners Manual. The unit is in Full Working Condition with endless versatility.

A 16-bit/41.5kHz RAM recorder lets you playback and record simultaneously making ambient soundscapes, reversed loops, and rhythmic drones easy to create and shape.

With 198 seconds of memory, 16-bit realtime digital loops, the capability to layer all 9 loops complete with overdubs, simultaneous playback and record, unlimited overdubs with progressive undos and tap tempo controls, the Echoplex is hard to beat.


There are some scratches on the housing and one of the rack ears is slightly bent. The faceplate looks good and the writing has not been worn off and is fully legible. Overall very good condition.



-16-bit realtime digital loops

-Layer up to 9 loops simultaneously

-Playback and record simultaneously

-198 seconds of loop/delay time

-Tap tempo input

-CD quality recording

-Overdubbing with progressive undos available

-All functions accessible in realtime with included footpedal

-MIDI compatible

-Live reverse play function