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Used Ibanez Ibanez Apex 1 Body Apex 100 Neck Duncans USA Parts Biker Black HSC

by Ibanez
Sold out
$ 1,499.99

Q: What do you get when you cross an Ibanez Apex 1 body with an Ibanez Apex 100 neck, and throw some Duncans in the mix????

A: This thing!!!!

Up for sale is this excellently put together 7 string Ibanez one of a kind instrument, that would make Munky swing from the rafters with tuned down joy!!! 

This custom instrument was assembled and put together by an Ibanez fan/luthier, and the workmanship it top notch!

The body is mahogany with Ibanez’ ‘biker black’ finish and the neck is maple with a bubinga back stripe, rosewood fretboard with small dots. The pickups are Duncan Nazgul bridge and Duncan Sentient neck, both under anodized black metal covers. All wiring was replaced with USA components  (CTS Pots, CRL 3-way switch, Switchcraft jack, Sprague ‘Orange Drop’ cap) and  a tone knob ywas also added, as it only had one volume originally.

Hardware color is “Powder Cosmo” and it does include the “U-bar” system, please see pics.

 It allows you to take the normal trem arm out and put in a u-shaped one that covers the fine tuners so you don’t throw it out of tune if you use your palm to vibrato instead of the normal trem arm. Frets are in great shape and have tons of life left in them!!!

This is a crunch machine. Plays amazing, and sounds absolutely crushing!!!!!

 Includes Ibanez toolkit, Trem arm and HSC.