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Vintage 1950's Kay K-136 Black Refinished Electric Guitar

by Kay
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One of the rarest, coolest vintage guitars of all time...1954 Kay K-136.  These are crazy hard to find and very collectable.  The roots of rock and roll, blues and rockabilly are encapsulated in these American-made guitars. 

The instrument is a short scale, solid wood, neck through design with a single pickup and an amazingly great feeling neck.  It has a tremendous raunchy blues master tone. 

It's sort of similar in playability to the Harmony Stratotone H44, but the pickup is closer to the bridge and makes an incredible difference.  There is nothing that sounds like these guitars! 

This particular instrument is largely original except for the brass bridge and tailpiece, and someone took the standard green finish and converted it to white and black, but it kept its art deco design. Pickup and knobs are a grey area. 

It is most likely that the refin was done many, many decades ago as there is certainly decades of relic'ing.  There is amazing edge wear that exposes red primer, original green and wood.  Incredible palm wear through the finish as well. 

Just a beast of an instrument! 

    No case, no bag.