Used Mahalo Katy 66 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head KT66

by Mahalo
$ 1,699.99


For sale is this amazing sounding Mahalo Katy 66 guitar head.


Great condition and sounds amazing!!


Unique rock tone you can use with your favorite cab.

The Mahalo Katy66 50W tube guitar head is a medium-high gain, master volume, tone monster housed in 13 ply cab. The Katy66 offers a wide gain range and can go from jazz with an edge to serious rock tones. Their unique tone stack makes it easier for your chops to stand out from the crowd. The Katy uses 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and KT66 tubes in the power section. The Katy66 offers beautiful edge of breakup clean tones and will give you hard rock distortion when you push the preamp while still retaining note separation. Hand wired to last!



Power: 50W (tube)
Tubes: three 12AX7 (preamp); two KT66 (power)
Class A/B, adjustable grid bias
Built in the U.S.A.