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Vintage Musiconics Guitorgan Electric Guitar With OHSC

by Musiconics
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The Guitorgan does deserve its place in guitar history as being innovative and I view it as a frontrunner to the synthesizer craze of the early eighties.The Guitorgan was created when inventor Bob Murrell wanted a guitar that could also produce Hammond organ-type sounds. He started a company called Murrell Electronics to produce this guitar, which later evolved into Musiconics International (MCI). Murrell began working with Baldwin to develop the organ circuitry for his guitar; Baldwin in turn used Murrell’s knowledge of the industry to learn guitar marketing concepts when they began importing Burns guitars into the U.S. during the late 1960s.

The first Guitorgan was introduced at the 1967 Chicago NAMM show and early production began in the same year. By 1968, a production factory was opened for the Guitorgan.This is one of the most unique synthesizer guitars we have ever had in the shop. The organ portion of the instrument is a 6-note polyphonic circuit which allows full guitar chords to be played. The guitar section always remains playable but organ notes can be played alone or simultaneously with the guitar. The frets are divided into six segments creating independent contact switches for each string. This allows several noted to be played by making contact with the string against the fret. The expression pedal is then used to bring in the organ sounds so the player can have only the guitar signal, only the organ signal or both at the same time. As stated above the truss rod is not functioning properly but all notes can be played on the neck without any fretting out or significant buzzing.

Case: Includes original hardshell case. Expression pedal is included in case.

This is such an incredibly fun instrument to play. The sounds coming out of it are literally out of this world, and vast.

It has been tested and is functioning well with a couple of exceptions. There are two switches on the control plate that seem to do nothing, and they are circled in red in the pics. Please see ALL pics. Also the two switches on the pickguard are not functioning at all. 

If you are an extreme tinkerer, know someone who is knowledgeable about these amazing instruments and wants to get the non functioning switches working again, you will be all set! All else works and sound amazing. 

It includes the original hard case, as well as the expression pedal, cable for the expression pedal and original warranty card!!!