Used Rivera Suprema 55 EL34 Tube Combo Amplifier 1x15 Combo

by Rivera
Sold out
$ 1,055.00

Up for sale is this beautiful Rivera Supreme 55 watt EL34 tube amplifier,  in a beautiful black tolex covering!

Please see pics for condition

Its in great condition, works and sounds fantastic!

Lou Delrosso (known for his Archtop expertise) wanted a custom Rivera built for his Archtop customers.  It had to have a big clear bottom-end with huge headroom and warm of tube tone.  But almost more importantly, it had to be light!!!!  We delivered by taking a Suprema 55 watt chassis and instaling it in an Italian Poplar cabinet with a Weber Alnico 15″ speaker.  Italian Poplar is known for it’s tonal properties and light weight.  Lou selected the Alnico Weber 15 for it’s light weight, power efficiency and ultimate Jazz tone.

Solid state amps are often used for there lightweight, however they are cold, dry and when pushed have a harsh non-musical breakup.  Tubes give a huge body and wood warmth.  Paired up with Paul Rivera’s legendary clean channels, you can now hear how your Archtop should sound!


    • 55watts of EL-34 power
    • 5 12ax7’s pre-amp
    • two channels.
    • 6 spring accutronics reverb
    • Italian Poplar
    • Alnico Weber 15′ speaker
    • Made in the USA
    • Military grade components.
    • Ruby Tolex with Vintage blonde grill cloth
    • Available only at Guitars N Jazz
    • Lightest 55watt 1×15 Tube amp on the planet