Used Swart Space Tone ST 6V6 Tweed Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo

by Swart
Sold out
$ 719.99

Up for sale, a tweed Swart Space Tone tube amplifier in very good condition. This USA-made amp is in very good condition, and sounds incredible! Get it at this used price or pay full pop for a new one! 
Cosmetically, the amp is clean and well kept, with minor signs of wear including small scuffs and small dings in the covering. Please see pics.

The tone and clean to distortion character is in a class all its own. We think this amplifier surpasses any amplifier of this type we've played, both old and new, including the original Tweeds.  Along with the original Space Tone 6V6se, this is the sound that Swart Amplifier Co has built on as ground Zero of the BEST DAMN TONE you'll ever hear, regardless.