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Vintage 1951 Danelectro Leader Guitar Amplifier

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A great example of this early Danelectro amplifier, one of Nathan Daniel's first signature creations. Rounded corner nearly square cabinet with vaguely clover-like speaker hole, covered in brown fabric covering that looks very much like the same material as Gibson's 1950's brown cases. Gold Danelectro logo at bottom front. Three inputs, tone and volume controls in rear with brown radio-style knobs. Tubes mount above the chassis. The original Rola speaker carries 1951 date code. Very smooth sounding little amp; not particularly loud but with a nice round overdriven tone.

1x12" speaker combo amplifier, 10 watts, 5 tubes (25Z6GT, two 25L6GT, two 6SJ7) 3 inputs, on/off switch, volume and tone controls, new speaker cable, leather handle is worn but still in one piece, made in Red Bank, New Jersey. Completely original except for the speaker cable. This is an unusually fine specimen! Great Condition.