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Vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop Dark Back & Sides Black Parts OHSC

$ 99,999.99

This is a gorgeous piece of vintage goodness!!

This 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is an outstanding example of how beautifully these instruments age, wear, and hold up over the years. A 1957 Gibson Les Paul has a look, feel and tone like no other. No amount of relicing can compare to the real deal, and this my friends IS the real deal!  This is an early representation of a 1957 Les Paul Standard. So early in fact, neither of the original PAF humbucking pickups have the "PAF" stickers on them.  The neck is 50's big, and has been refretted and plays like an absolute dream. 

This rare Goldtop Standard features dark back and sides, and black parts. The black parts are all there and in great condition, with the exception of the jack plate, which was replaced due to a crack.

Klusons tuning pegs from this time period all but shrink & deteriorate away over time, and the originals that were on this instrument are no exception. 

The originals tuners have been replaced with reissue Klusons.

The original Klusons and jack plate are included with the guitar, please see pics. All else on this instrument is original! Finding another classic like this with this amount of class, vibe, age, and natural mojo would be extremely difficult. This is an astounding piece, the caliber of which even Truetone Music doesn’t see often. For a player or a collector, this is extraordinary. The guitar itself is in great shape, and includes the original brown hard Gibson case, also in very good condition.