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Way Huge Jumbo Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal

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SKU 20WAY031

This extremely rare pedal is a special creation straight from the secret Way Huge Laboratory and is hand signed, numbered, and assembled by Jeorge Tripps himself! The Way Huge Jumbo Fuzz is a super high-gain fuzz with copious amounts of smooth low-end and a bevy of controls to tweak the sound to your satisfaction. The Sustain control takes you from mild crunch to burning Armageddon, the Filter control lets you finely sculpt your fuzz tone, and the Loudness control has enough volume on tap to force the surrender of a Panamanian dictator. The Scoop control can elicit a classic mid scoop or a flat mid-frequency sweep, the Crunch knob adjusts the compression intensity of the fuzz, and the Clip control varies between two sets of clipping diodes for smooth or opened fuzz sustain.