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November 2022 Pedal of the Month - MXR Deep Phase

November 2022 Pedal of the Month - MXR Deep Phase

Introducing the MXR Deep Phase for November’s Pedal of the Month. From the scorching leads of Eddie Van Halen, or the subtle psychedelic textures of David Gilmour, the MXR line of phasers are synonymous with legendary tones. The MXR Deep Phase is the culmination of taking a long storied legacy of sounds, reconfigured for modern sensibilities. Built upon a vintage circuit, the MXR Deep Phase is receptive to the dynamics of your playing, and plays nice with all frequencies, making this a great pedal for guitar, synths, and bass as well. 

If simplicity is the game, then the MXR Deep Phase is the name. Housed in a small ergonomic enclosure with two knobs and a single switch, the MXR Deep Phase is a no-frills phase pedal. The “Speed” knob controls the rate of the effect, and the “Feedback” knob oversees the intensity and the “sharpness” of the phase peaks. Out of the box, the MXR Deep Phase runs on 4 phase stages for a smoother, more vintage style “waves.” By activating the Mode II switch, it doubles the stages to 8, where the phases become more intense and animated. 


The MXR Deep Phase is everything you come to expect from MXR, the household name for phase pedals. At its most subtle, be swept away by the washy waves of the phase. At its most extreme, it’s a tidal wave of phase, enveloping your ears. MXR has never been a company to remain stagnant, and has constantly continued to build upon their own legacy of effects pedals.

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