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It's pretty rare that a wholly unique instrument is developed without harkening back heavily to the great instruments of the past. As great as those classics are, Powers Electric is here to create a whole new classic.

A Truly Original Instrument

A Truly Original Instrument

Andy Powers of Taylor Guitars unleashes his passion project in the form of Powers Electric: a love letter to Southern California Culture that pays homage to the hot rodding, surfing, and beach aesthetic that dominated California in the 50s and 60s.

We at Truetone Music have, since our inception, operated out of Santa Monica, CA and know better than most how important these lovely beaches have been to the electric guitar and the culture surrounding it. What better way to celebrate Andy's vision than taking these gorgeous and unique instruments to the place that inspired them!

These are completely designed and manufactured in the US, most of the hardware being custom / bespoke pieces designed specifically for Powers Electric instruments in-house.

Please take the time to check out the YouTube video we created highlighting these ground breaking instruments. There's a lot to unpack with something as new and unique as theese Powers Electric instruments.

There's so much new and innovative, we were bound to miss out on some key details. Here are a couple tidbits we forgot to add to the video:

1. The neck radius is actually compound in a completely new and innovative way: being flatter on the treble side for bending, and rounder on the bass side for chords.2. The knobs and trem grip are made with surfboard resin! Color is unique to complement each finish.

3. The Tremolo is designed to keep a consistent relative pitch per string during use, much like a lap steel.  

These are extremely limited at launch, with only a handful going out to select dealers. That said, if you act quickly enough you might be able to snag one... 

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Being a new line with nearly every component being made in-house, Powers Electric instruments are shipped in limited quantities. Be sure to secure your spot before the wait list gets too long!

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