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GIBSON TEST DRIVE! Posted on 29 Nov 11:47

Club Fender 5th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Day! Posted on 13 Oct 16:14


What is Club Fender?

  Club Fender is, first and foremost, the largest Fender showroom in the United States; with hundreds of Fender Instruments in stock including rare Custom Shop, Master Built, and One-Off pieces. That isn't all, however. Club Fender is not just the premier destination for those looking for their next Fender instrument, it's a vibe that's very unique and special to us at Truetone Music. It incapsulates the essence of Fender, and it's a piece of guitar history that all you musicians and music fans should come check out when in Santa Monica or the greater Los Angeles area. You won't be disappointed!

Martin Mania Posted on 30 Aug 13:36


The month of September is Martin Mania at Truetone Music! We have special deals, events, and new inventory arriving throughout the month, so be sure to check out our website, call, or visit our store for details and updates.

Master Class with:
Laurence Juber

Limited space available, RSVP by leaving your name and number at  live@truetonemusic.com
one person per email

Martin Product Specialists on-hand


Martin Custom Shop
Product Showcase 

Outside of our normally outstanding selection of Martins, we will be featuring exotic, one-off Custom Shop Martin Guitars for one day only. We will also have a  complete line-up overview of by Martin Product Specialists.

FREE Martin Guitars: A History

FREE Coffee Table Book with purchase of any USA-Made Martin Guitar! Limited Quantities available, while supplies last.

Special Deals on all USA-Made Martin Guitars

New inventory arriving throughout the month!

Gibson-a-thon Posted on 07 Jun 09:39


Gibson Guitar Test Drive Posted on 27 May 19:09

Come by Truetone Music on Saturday, June 4th 11am - 7pm to Test-Drive a wide range of Gibson instruments, including RARE One-Offs, Prototypes, as well as some cool Discontinued pieces! You'll be able to check out the all-new Gibson Tour Bus, chat with Gibson Product Specialists themselves, and experience our ALMIGHTY GREAT WALL OF GIBSON!



Don't forget that we have special pricing on all Gibson Instruments for our special GIBSON-O-THON for the month of June! We'll also be giving away cool mementos of this colossal event in the form of fashionable swag!


Here's the rundown: 

  • Rare Prototypes and One-Offs that'll only be here for one day

  • The all-new Gibson Tour Bus

  • Swag!

  • Gibson Product Specialists to chat with



That's not even mentioning all the high quality instruments on showcase we always have here at Truetone Music! So come visit us on Saturday, June 4th and make an experience of it! We are located @ 714 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. We are surrounded by great food and only a short ways away from the promenade, just to add icing onto this guitar-filled cake! Feel free to call us with any questions at: 310-393-8232

Fender Bassbreaker 45 Combo Posted on 20 May 15:36


Here it is, Fender's Bassbreaker 45 Combo, flagship model of the Bassbreaker series. While It's origins can be traced back to the ’59 Tweed Bassman, Fender takes the Bassbreaker 45 Combo in a fresher direction with the addition of two EL34 power tubes, along with the traditional three 12AX7 preamp tubes. It also comes equipped with two Celestion G12V-70 speakers, and features an Output knob that allows you to pull back the power section from 45-watts to 1-watt. Guitarists can adjust the power section for any performance or recording environment.

The Bassbreaker is rugged and built for heavy gigging: Its birch-ply construction, grey tweed, black grill, and aluminum trim comes with a protective covering. Weighing in at 55lbs, it's substantial enough to reassure you of its great durability and quality, but not heavy enough to tire you out before the gig even starts having to lug it onto the stage.

Fender offers plenty of functionality with the Bassbreaker, including three Inputs. Normal, Both, and Bright Inputs avails the guitarist a variety of tonal options. The Normal and Bright Inputs have their own Volume controls, while the Treble, Bass, Middle, and Presence knobs are positioned close to the Output control. Main Speaker and Extension Speaker Inputs and an Impedance Select are positioned in the rear of the amp.

The ability to blend both Normal and Bright Input channels is the key to getting a plethora of rockin' tones. Adjusting the Output knob along with the Volume controls offer all kinds of blues, rock, pop, or country tonalities. It’s voiced to replicate the best qualities of a Fender Tweed Bassman and a Marshall Blues Breaker... and succeeds.

The Bassbreaker’s power section allows you to get a variety of blues-rock crunch at manageable volumes, or louder clean sounds minus the grit. The Normal Input and control knob adds low-end girth, while the Bright Input and control knob adds top-end bite and dirt. When plugged into the Both Input you can mix these sounds to taste.

In the context of a band it offers thick rock and roll heaven, yielding old school vibe and personality. Best of all, it provides an even tonal palette for stomp boxes with plenty of clean headroom, and Fender's characteristic luster. The Bassbreaker 45 Combo unleashes big American sounds with a touch of British heat. It's easy to use, articulate, touch-sensitive, and offers the discerning guitarist a large array of tones at a price point that makes it easy to take home.

Price: $999.99


Free GHS Boomers from March 24th - April 7th Posted on 22 Mar 18:38

When you need your electric guitar set up, you go to a professional. There are few, if any, guitar repairs shops with the clout that our team at Truetone Music has. So why not take it to the best?

If amazing playability and pitch-perfect intonation isn't enough, We at Truetone Music have teamed up with GHS Strings to bring you a free set of GHS Boomers with every re-string and setup!!!* From March 24th - April 7th bring your electric guitar down for a setup or re-string and the strings are free!

* Please call for pricing and time estimate quote on Set-ups and re-strings. Free GHS Boomers Strings offered for a limited time only.

The Fender Elite Series Posted on 18 Feb 16:11


The new Fender American Elite series of instruments is at the top of the food chain reigning supreme amidst a fantastic line of great products. It’s still your grandfather’s Fender, except it’s loaded with modern high-performance enhancements so you can play better, sound incredible, and be inspired to make cool music.

An already supremely comfortable 9.5”-14” compound radius fingerboard featured on the discontinued Deluxe series makes a welcome return, except now it comes paired with a new and improved neck shape that begins with a C shape at the nut, and gradually morphs to a D shape at the heel. The rear heel has also been radically modified for ease of use to allow greater access to the higher frets. If that wasn’t enough, the dual-action truss rod has been redesigned with a wheel that’s easier to adjust. It’s positioned just above the neck pickup, and right below the fretboard so it’s easy to reach.


The coolest thing about the Elite series are definitely the pickups. They’re 4th generation Noiseless pickups, and Fender has unleashed some serious black magic to re-create the warm, clear, vintage, bell-like tones that we all know and love. It also cancels that dreaded 60-cycle hum. Even when plugged into a high-gain amp, the Elite is silent but deadly. Modeled after 60s style vintage pickups, it truly accommodates the forward-thinking 21st century guitarist who craves clear, sensitive, organic tones. It’s the perfect marriage of old school tonal succulence and modern technology.

The Fender Elite series will offer you an abundance of aural possibilities from guitarists as diverse as Keith Richards, Brad Paisley, Tom Petty, Albert Collins, and Wic Coleman - but it’s malleable enough to allow you to create your own unique thumbprint. Visit Truetone Music and hear it for yourself. We think you'll be very pleased.


Tone-Test: Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor Posted on 12 Feb 14:24

Way Huge’s Saffron Squeeze Compressor MkII offers easy to use functionality and ear-friendly tones for the discerning guitarist. Twenty years after the launch of MkI, the Saffron Squeeze MkII surpasses its predecessor. With pedal wizard Jeorge Tripps having joined Dunlop Manufacturing, the Way Huge resurrection is complete. Doing fierce business with a truly spectacular product line, Way Huge’s Saffron Squeeze Compressor MkII adds three extra controls to the old version’s single Volume and Sustain knobs. It now offers Gain, Tone, and Attack controls, that work in harmonious concert. The addition of these three knobs allow you to not only tighten up your timbres, but the ability to adjust the level of gain, cut post-compression highs, and compression reaction speed.

While the 1970s Ross inspired Saffron Squeeze MkI only offered the option to control the output and level of compression, the MkII has that and also allows you to shape, mold, and fine-tune your signal. It excels at enhancing your guitar’s tone, and serve up as much personalized enunciation as needed. These tweaks to the MkII edition makes this compressor no longer a “take it or leave it” after thought. It’s tone sculpting capabilities offer the potential to become an integral part of any guitarist’s base tone.


With its true bypass switching and 9-volt center-negative power operation, the Saffron Squeeze is all about the smooth and the quiet. Using a telecaster and a strat through a Dr. Z Maz 38 head, along with an Orange TH30 combo, the tone sculpting began. With the controls adding volume boost across the board, subtle as well as obvious compression could be achieved. In addition to tightening up your signal and giving you more pop and snap, the Tone control gives you the option to add warmth or dial in a sharper attack. These sounds are smooth, soft, and never grating. The Gain adds only a smidgeon of grit.

While the word “Transparent” is often abused, the Saffron Squeeze performs all kinds of choke, squash, and squish, without altering your amplifier’s character. It shores things up sweetly with Beatle-esque jangle, tight country twang, punchy blues, and airtight shred. Used with subtlety it embraces your signal in a luxurious blanket of focused beauty. Dialing in more intense settings, it retains its usefulness with rich musicality. It does so without annoying pops or hiss. Guitar compressor aficionados will be instantly converted, while guitarists new to compression will be spoiled for a long time to come.

Tone-Test: Analog Alien Bucket Seat Posted on 12 Feb 12:35

The Bucket Seat is the younger brother to their critically acclaimed Rumble Seat. While the Rumble Seat catered to rockabilly players offering Drive, Delay, and Reverb, the more compact Bucket Seat offers only Drive. The circuit is advertised as replicating a ’69 Marshall Plexi. As with the other pedals in the Alien Analog line, the Bucket Seat is hard to miss with its distinctive orange color and eye-catching decals.

Powered by a 9-Volt battery or adapter, it features three knobs allowing you to control Output, Tone, and Gain. Having the capability to dial in combinations of volume, EQ, and dirt, is as straightforward as it gets. The pedal was plugged directly into a ’65 Fender Deluxe Reverb, a Valvetech VAC 25, a Wangs 2204 50-watt head, and a few single coil and humbucker-equipped guitars. It was also compared against an actual ’69 Marshall Plexi.



The term “Marshall in a box” has been abused to the point of causing widespread civil unrest and involuntary harsh language. A late ‘60s Marshall Plexi has a very specific sound, and while the Bucket Seat sounds nothing like that, it has it’s own personality that will find favor with many guitarists.

If “fat, thick, and gritty” are adjectives that must be available within your arsenal, the Bucket Seat is the pedal for you. Billy Gibbons’ classic tone comes to mind. It yields a plethora of “fat, thick, and gritty” sounds while the Tone control beefs things up quite a bit on the bottom end, or sharpens your attack to cut through any mix. It can be dimed to be a pseudo fuzz, and is right at home within the ‘70s classic rock milieu. Think “Mississippi Queen,” “Rock Candy,” or “Tush.” It has a raw, buzzy, ill-mannered nastiness perfect for hyper-masculine garage-rock, but not so great if you desire the smooth lustrous sheen needed for championship shredding.

Tested thru various amplifiers it retains a gruff demeanor that leans towards the warmer side of the EQ spectrum. With the Gain maxed out it can rage, but it’s a little too gnarly for anything but the most boisterous Hendrix solos. The Analog Alien Bucket Seat could be a handy addition to your rig. It can add light truculence or barbaric menace from any amp it’s plugged into.