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Supro Amps & Guitars! Posted on 25 Apr 14:18

Supro Amplifiers: the Lore, the Legend, the Tone

The legendary Supro logo with signature lightning bolt stirs several images simultaneously for most guitarists. Sum these up as unique looks, individual tone, and a near-mythic cool factor that is unmatched in the world of vintage tube guitar amplifiers; but the most common reactions to all of these sensations are best rendered simply as, “I want one!” Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Albert Lee and countless other stars wanted one too—and got ’em, using Supro amps to lay down the foundations of blues and rock. But the roots of the Supro brand go way back to a time well before the period for which we best know them now, to the very birth of the electric guitar.

Supro’s origins date to the pre-electric guitar days and the formation of the National Resophonic guitar company around 1926, with roots in the resonator guitars that became a blues tone standard prior to amplification. National and Dobro merged in the early ’30s to form Valco, and Supro. Soon, Valco-made Supro amps were tearing it up on Chicago’s south-side scene, establishing a tone that has been synonymous with gritty blues ever since. By the mid 60’s, Jimi Hendrix was playing a Supro Thunderbolt amp on tour with Little Richard and the Isley Brothers. A few years later, Jimmy Page, inspired by the raw tones of the Chicago blues scene, cut seminal Led Zeppelin tracks on a Supro Model 24… and so the chain of influence goes, full circle from Chicago blues, to London blues-rock, with Supro the hip tone to beat.

Player upon player has since discovered the sonic splendor of Supro’s extremely original circuits and unique build style, as well as the surprising versatility hidden within the appealing simplicity of these amps. Plug into one of these beauties, and you know you are striding out onto original and inspiring sonic ground. There’s a girth, depth, and dimension to the tone of these old circuits that is simply unattainable from the other brands, and a dynamic playing feel that definitely puts a smile on my face every time. Keep them clean, and they are sweet and rich; crank them up, and even the smaller Supro models issue a bold, furious roar that retains its edge and cutting power amid heavy overdrive.

From authentic Chicago blues to all-out rock’n’roll, the Supro brand has distinguished itself as a sound for players who want to make their own mark on music, rather than merely chasing some tired standard that has gone before. Players who know Supro amps and understand what they can do have always appreciated them for their ability to help you sound like you. Supro has always presented a great alternative way to get your music made, and to get it noticed. For years, the only way to achieve that legendary Supro tone was to track down an original amp, get it running well, and hope it stayed that way. Not any more. Supro is back—and the lore, the legend, the tone, and the total attitude is back with it. Check out Supro’s growing lineup of American-made amplifiers that honor the original circuits, while presenting value and performance unparalleled in today’s market, and a tone that is truly all your own.


Supro Guitars


Supro Amplifiers


Used & Vintage Showcase: Original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Posted on 02 Jan 14:49









Menatone Fish Factory Dual Overdrive Truetone Music Edition Posted on 02 Dec 15:32


The Menatone Fish Factory is here exclusively through Truetone Music while supplies last! What makes this baby particularly special is how it combines two legendary Menatone pedals into one case for near-limitless tone shaping and gain stacking possibilities!

GIBSON TEST DRIVE! Posted on 29 Nov 11:47

Club Fender 5th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Day! Posted on 13 Oct 16:14


What is Club Fender?

  Club Fender is, first and foremost, the largest Fender showroom in the United States; with hundreds of Fender Instruments in stock including rare Custom Shop, Master Built, and One-Off pieces. That isn't all, however. Club Fender is not just the premier destination for those looking for their next Fender instrument, it's a vibe that's very unique and special to us at Truetone Music. It incapsulates the essence of Fender, and it's a piece of guitar history that all you musicians and music fans should come check out when in Santa Monica or the greater Los Angeles area. You won't be disappointed!

Martin Mania Posted on 30 Aug 13:36


The month of September is Martin Mania at Truetone Music! We have special deals, events, and new inventory arriving throughout the month, so be sure to check out our website, call, or visit our store for details and updates.

Master Class with:
Laurence Juber

Limited space available, RSVP by leaving your name and number at  live@truetonemusic.com
one person per email

Martin Product Specialists on-hand


Martin Custom Shop
Product Showcase 

Outside of our normally outstanding selection of Martins, we will be featuring exotic, one-off Custom Shop Martin Guitars for one day only. We will also have a  complete line-up overview of by Martin Product Specialists.

FREE Martin Guitars: A History

FREE Coffee Table Book with purchase of any USA-Made Martin Guitar! Limited Quantities available, while supplies last.

Special Deals on all USA-Made Martin Guitars

New inventory arriving throughout the month!

Gibson-a-thon Posted on 07 Jun 09:39


Gibson Guitar Test Drive Posted on 27 May 19:09

Come by Truetone Music on Saturday, June 4th 11am - 7pm to Test-Drive a wide range of Gibson instruments, including RARE One-Offs, Prototypes, as well as some cool Discontinued pieces! You'll be able to check out the all-new Gibson Tour Bus, chat with Gibson Product Specialists themselves, and experience our ALMIGHTY GREAT WALL OF GIBSON!



Don't forget that we have special pricing on all Gibson Instruments for our special GIBSON-O-THON for the month of June! We'll also be giving away cool mementos of this colossal event in the form of fashionable swag!


Here's the rundown: 

  • Rare Prototypes and One-Offs that'll only be here for one day

  • The all-new Gibson Tour Bus

  • Swag!

  • Gibson Product Specialists to chat with



That's not even mentioning all the high quality instruments on showcase we always have here at Truetone Music! So come visit us on Saturday, June 4th and make an experience of it! We are located @ 714 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. We are surrounded by great food and only a short ways away from the promenade, just to add icing onto this guitar-filled cake! Feel free to call us with any questions at: 310-393-8232

Fender Bassbreaker 45 Combo Posted on 20 May 15:36


Here it is, Fender's Bassbreaker 45 Combo, flagship model of the Bassbreaker series. While It's origins can be traced back to the ’59 Tweed Bassman, Fender takes the Bassbreaker 45 Combo in a fresher direction with the addition of two EL34 power tubes, along with the traditional three 12AX7 preamp tubes. It also comes equipped with two Celestion G12V-70 speakers, and features an Output knob that allows you to pull back the power section from 45-watts to 1-watt. Guitarists can adjust the power section for any performance or recording environment.

The Bassbreaker is rugged and built for heavy gigging: Its birch-ply construction, grey tweed, black grill, and aluminum trim comes with a protective covering. Weighing in at 55lbs, it's substantial enough to reassure you of its great durability and quality, but not heavy enough to tire you out before the gig even starts having to lug it onto the stage.

Fender offers plenty of functionality with the Bassbreaker, including three Inputs. Normal, Both, and Bright Inputs avails the guitarist a variety of tonal options. The Normal and Bright Inputs have their own Volume controls, while the Treble, Bass, Middle, and Presence knobs are positioned close to the Output control. Main Speaker and Extension Speaker Inputs and an Impedance Select are positioned in the rear of the amp.

The ability to blend both Normal and Bright Input channels is the key to getting a plethora of rockin' tones. Adjusting the Output knob along with the Volume controls offer all kinds of blues, rock, pop, or country tonalities. It’s voiced to replicate the best qualities of a Fender Tweed Bassman and a Marshall Blues Breaker... and succeeds.

The Bassbreaker’s power section allows you to get a variety of blues-rock crunch at manageable volumes, or louder clean sounds minus the grit. The Normal Input and control knob adds low-end girth, while the Bright Input and control knob adds top-end bite and dirt. When plugged into the Both Input you can mix these sounds to taste.

In the context of a band it offers thick rock and roll heaven, yielding old school vibe and personality. Best of all, it provides an even tonal palette for stomp boxes with plenty of clean headroom, and Fender's characteristic luster. The Bassbreaker 45 Combo unleashes big American sounds with a touch of British heat. It's easy to use, articulate, touch-sensitive, and offers the discerning guitarist a large array of tones at a price point that makes it easy to take home.

Price: $999.99


Free GHS Boomers from March 24th - April 7th Posted on 22 Mar 18:38

When you need your electric guitar set up, you go to a professional. There are few, if any, guitar repairs shops with the clout that our team at Truetone Music has. So why not take it to the best?

If amazing playability and pitch-perfect intonation isn't enough, We at Truetone Music have teamed up with GHS Strings to bring you a free set of GHS Boomers with every re-string and setup!!!* From March 24th - April 7th bring your electric guitar down for a setup or re-string and the strings are free!

* Please call for pricing and time estimate quote on Set-ups and re-strings. Free GHS Boomers Strings offered for a limited time only.