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Orange Tremlord, JHS Whitey Tighty

Orange Tremlord, JHS Whitey Tighty




NAMM is always full of surprises, but if there is one manufacturer who delivers every year, it's Orange. That said, the new Orange TremLord 30 still packs in enough features to excite. Delivering the ultimate 50s style British tube amp: All-Tube Tremolo, 2 reverbs, Italian designed 12" Lavoce speaker, EL84 valves, switchable power from 30w all the way down to 1w, and even an FX Loop.




JHS Whitey Tighty 

It's easy to take a Compressor for granted. Not this little guy, it's the perfect fit for tight tone in a tight package... 

The Whitey Tighty is a FET compressor that has three simple controls: Volume, Compression, and Blend. The Volume control gives you the ability to set your volume at unity gain or slightly boosted to make up for any perceived loss from the compression. The Compression knob controls the amount of compression for everything from a subtle smoothing of your tone to a pleasing squash that’s perfect for country, blues, pop, and rock. Use the Blend knob to dial in the right amount of clean tone along with your compressed signal. This allows you to retain some of the natural feel of your clean tone while giving you the studio-quality compression that brings your sound to the next level.

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