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Stacks FX Zenor Overdrive

Pedal of the Month Giveaway - Stacks FX Zeñor

Zeñor Overdrive

Most drive pedals are designed for a very specific tonal character. With few knobs and a handful of great tones curated by the designer. Stacks FX didn't set out to make "just" another drive pedal. The Zenor is a sound design dream and overdrive with an array for tone controlls, clipping modes, and dry / wet blend knob... and we're giving one away for this month's pedal of the month!




Stacks FX

Freelance Pedal Builder and Repairman Miguel "Stacks" Vasquez was already a veteran pedal expert when he decided to venture into launching his own boutique pedal brand. Known for their Hand-Built effects with some of the best components available, Stacks FX became a favorite for local and worldwide players in a flash! We're proud to announce that we'll be carrying their whole lineup, so be sure to check out our website for more details!




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