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Truetone Staff Picks Nov 2023

Our Staff Picks for Pedals!

Here at Truetone we all have our own tastes and sonic preferences. Here is a selection of our favorite pedals. Check it out! 


Staff Picks Dave Mastotron


ZVex Mastotron Fuzz

It doesn't take a master to know that Zvex are experts of all things Fuzz. It's no wonder, then, that the Mastotron is the biggest, fattest sub-fuzz we've heard. We had to lock the door to stop Dave from running out of the store with this explosive little box. He's still here playing through it right now, we're still trying to figure out how to get him to sleep long enough to ship it out when it sells.


Staff Picks Roberto MXR Carbon Copy Mini


MXR Carbon Copy Mini

You just have to wonder why electronics keep getting smaller, yet pedals seem to be about the same size as they've been since MXR burst onto the scene in the 70s and introduced pedals like the Phase 90... showing that effects pedals didn't need to be the size of your dog to sound great. Leave it to MXR to take the timeless analog tone of the Carbon Copy and stuff it into a pedal the size of a candy bar!. Rob is a stickler for the details when it comes to tone, and when we asked him for his choice for this Staff Picks email he pulled one of these right out of his pocket. Impressive, if slightly disturbing.

Staff Picks Matt Boss DM-101 Delay Machine


Boss DM-101 Delay Machine

"I can't think of a better way to spice up a dry sound than to add an analog delay. There's something beautifully unique about the way the delay repeats melt into a deep syrupy wash that even the best digital delays still can't absolutely nail. With the DM-101, I now have that smooth DM-1 analog delay, but in stereo with all the flexibility a modern digitally controlled pedal allows. Now I run everything into my DM-101. Trust me, you've never heard a stereo dotted eighth delay until you hear your mother ask you "when are you gonna give me grandchildren?!" through the DM-101!"

Staff Picks Avi  Strymon Deco v2


Strymon Deco v2

True enlightenment can take a lifetime to achieve. Some may say even multiple lifetimes. with the Strymon Deco, Avi has saved an immeasurable amount of time no longer having to double track his guitars to get his ultimate guitar sound. With all that free time, he's tonally transcended and now only appears to us in spirit; guiding us on our tonal journey. Thanks Deco!

Staff Picks Louis Fender Tone Master Pro


Fender Tone Master Pro

Fender changed the game of amp modeling with the Tone Master series of amplifiers a couple years ago. Not only nailing the sounds of some of classic amplifiers, but doing it in a way that us simple guitar players can understand. Louis looks very surprised in this photo, and that's no accident. None of us can believe how easy to use and great sounding this amp modeler is. Unfortunately, Louis' face has been like this ever since. We've contacted Fender for possible treatment and will get back to you with any further developments.


Staff Picks Eddie Used Mr. Black Blood Moon Blood and Chrome 


Used Mr. Black Blood Moon Blood and Chrome

We may have missed Halloween by a couple days with this one. Quite possibly one of the spookiest reverbs in our current inventory, the Mr. Black Bloodmoon Blood and Chrome is said to contain otherworldly secrets within it's housing. Eddie, being our resident Tone Safety Specialist, advises to wear eye protection at all times while using the Bloodmoon Blood and Chrome. When asked to elaborate, he told us:
"Don't even look at it. Actually, I'll just take this off your hands and put it in a safe place."
He now keeps it in a black box in the back room. It might be pretty hard to use without being able to see it. Good thing it has a preset function...

Staff Picks Sean Used Marshall Shred Master


Used Marshall Shred Master

Remember when you were a child and whenever you got new shoes you convinced yourself you could run faster and jump higher? No? Yeah... um... me neither. But what if there was a pedal out there that could actually do that? One that could, I don't know, turn you into a Shred Master???
Unfortunately, the Marshall Shred Master will not turn you into a Shred Master. Owning it, however, WILL turn you into someone that owns a pedal that describes you accurately when you point to it in photos... if you already happen to be a Shred Master.
For proof, look no further than Sean Lee. Before the Marshal Shred Master, he couldn't accurately describe himself in photos. Now he has all the photographic confidence in the world, knowing that whoever looks at this photo knows he is, in fact, a Shred Master.
Of course, as a bonus, the Shred Master is an incredibly smooth and versatile drive pedal in it's own right.
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