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Trade-In Trade-Up!

Trade-In Trade-Up!

No doubt you have some great used or vintage gear lying around which you simply aren't using anymore. Now's the time to put it towards something shiny and new that you CAN use. From now through the end of June, Truetone is going to sharpen it's pencil to it's finest possible point, in an effort to help you get what you need!
The beauty of instruments, particularly ones in great condition, is that (unlike your fifteen year old refrigerator) they actually have value. During this limited promotion (the first of it's kind in our history) we will make every effort to go above and beyond where your trade ins are concerned.

Don't have enough dough to get what you want?  Find something you're willing to part with and use it as part of the purchase price, softening your cash outlay! Your quality trade ins amount to the equivalent of real money. We're going to do everything within our power, to help you get what you need. 
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