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Amplified Nation Ampliphonix & Gain 22-watt 1x12" Carbon Fiber Covering Guitar Amp Combo

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The Ampliphonix and Gain is a unique offering in Amplified Nation product line. This amp has two independent channels and an output section of 6V6 power. This super versatile and solidly built tone machine is built with both Ultraphonix Plexi high-gain and Ultraphonix Fender cleans in the same package.  The sounds are astounding when laying down heavy gain tracks, or when you’re looking for shimmer and clarity.  This is the 22 watt version, utilizing 6V6 tubes, and a 12" Celestion Greenback speaker.  It's a custom piece designed for Truetone, in a super cool Carbon Fiber covering and Bluesbreaker grill cloth.


The Ampliphonix channel is the clean side of the amp.  It’s based off of an original Dumble Ultraphonix that Amplified Nation had in the shop for about a year.  It has a very unique sound with a beautiful swirl that makes it seem like the amp is actually breathing notes from your guitar.  This channel is bold and powerful, with remarkable character and presence.  It has a bright switch for additional tonal flexibility.


The Gain channel has a high gain recollective of a modded Marshall Plexi with more evenly rounded bass notes.  Its high gain preamp rocks hard but can also be dialed back for great classic rock sounds.  This channel is extremely fun to play and it it is a remarkable experience to be able to switch from such great cleans to this powerful blanket of overdrive.


The Ampliphonix and Gain has reverb on both channels. The amp comes with a two-button footswitch that toggles the channels and a clean boost.

This Ampliphonix comes with a 12" Celestion Creamback Speaker.  All in all this amp is the perfect blend of a modded Marshall Plexi and a Dumble Ultraphonix in one package. 


  • 6V6 powered 22-watts
  • Two independent channels Ampliphonix/Gain
  • Tube powered spring reverb
  • Carbon Fiber covering
  • Bluesbreaker grill cloth
  • 12" Celestion Creamback speaker
  • 4/4/8/16 ohm speaker output
  • Effects loop and clean boost switch
  • Two-button footswitch with locking DIN cable
  • Size: 21″ W x 11″ T x 10″ D
  • Weight: 43lbs. 22w