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Animals Pedal Rover Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal

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Animals Pedal | Rover Fuzz [Designed by Skreddy Pedals] - demo by Jake Cloudchair

Animals Pedal / Rover Fuzz

What sort of impression does the fuzz effect give?
It can make a wide variety of emotional expressions from an old sound with intense distortion to a clean sound. Legendary guitarists all use fuzz pedals well, and it’s a particularly essential effect for classic rock, blues, and the like.

It might give the impression of really strong distortion that stays in the back when playing with a band and being an old sound that is hard to use.
And maybe it is thought that it’s a really hard to use effect that only top class players can utilize to its full potential, or that you need a vintage pedal and high end handmade pedal to get a “real fuzz sound.”

The Animal Pedal Rover Fuzz goes against this image that fuzz effects are hard to use and only for experts.

High quality fuzz has a sweet, gentle tone that is absolutely essential for the lead in classic rock or blues. Playing chords with sharp distortion adds color to Rock and Roll Blues. Play that has an outstanding sense of presence and isn’t buried under the rest of the band – with the Rover Fuzz, you can play like that.

The Rover Fuzz is a fuzz pedal made using only parts of the highest quality and the circuits were designed by an engineer that in an expert in fuzz sound. This is not a pedal simply made with circuits following old designs. The acoustic pressure is incomparably higher than with those made back in the day.

It has the tuning for modern sounds and systems while keeping the full sound and flavor of classic fuzz, so you can use it smoothly with modern pedals to make classic tones.

Wool control is for players that want to pursue a deeper sound. If you use this control, you can adjust tones that have all kinds of classic fuzz.