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British Pedal Company Vintage Series Buzzaround Authentic Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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This is a detailed replica of the original 1965 Burns Buzzaround pedal that to many is the HOLY GRAIL OF EFFECTS.

The Buzzaround is a unique fuzz which utilised  3 x NKT213 transistors and for the first time offered a timbre control which gives different dimension to your fuzz tone. The Buzzaround also came in a unique wedge shaped casing with controls on the front. This added to the pedals uniqueness. and was most famously used by Robert Fripp.

BPC Buzzaround.

  • Folded metal casing
  • Sustain, Balance and Timbre controls
  • 3x NKT213 Transistors
  • As used by the Robert Fripp
  • Limited production
  • Certificate of authenticity
      Many people ask us how each transistor differs in tone. Everyone’s ears are different but here is our small guide

      OC75: Bright and high gain, snappy in tone, sounds raspy in a 3 transistor circuit such as the MKI.5
      OC81D: Smooth gain lots of saturation
      2G381: This is what gives the MKI its sag when you bend a note. They are key to the MKIs Tone.
      OC44: Bright and Driven Tone
      OC71: More Shrill and Glassy then an OC44
      ACY41: Bright, Raspy, and in your face (ideal for fuzz)
      2n4061: Silicon-based, used in the Shatterbox for crazy amounts of thick fuzz