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British Pedal Company Vintage Series Professional MKII Tone Bender OC75 Authentic Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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BPC Professional Tone Bender MKII OC75

The BPC MKII Tone Bender is a detailed replica of the 1966 PROFESSIONAL MK II Tone Bender pedals created by Gary Hurst. The circuit unlike the MK 1.5 had a 3 Transistor circuit that based on producion and supply comprised of either  OC75’s or OC81D transistors,  this OC75 Loaded MK II can be heard on the iconic Track ‘Keep on Runnin’ by the Spencer Davis Group.

BPC Professional Tone Bender MKII OC75

  • Aluminum cast casing
  • Level and Attack controls
  • 3x OC75 Transistors
  • Limited production
  • As used by Jeff Beck and The Spencer Davis Group
  • Certificate of authenticity
      Transistor Guide 

      OC75: Bright and high gain, snappy in tone, sounds raspy in a 3 transistor circuit such as the MKI.5
      OC81D: Smooth gain lots of saturation
      2G381: This is what gives the MKI its sag when you bend a note. They are key to the MKIs Tone.
      OC44: Bright and Driven Tone
      OC71: More Shrill and Glassy then an OC44
      ACY41: Bright, Raspy, and in your face (ideal for fuzz)
      2n4061: Silicon-based, used in the Shatterbox for crazy amounts of thick fuzz